The Sin of Greenville

I was watching the Nicole Wallace program this afternoon and much of the discussion centered around Trump’s racist attack on the four Democratic women of color who have become known as, The Squad.

Part of it dealt with those in attendance at last night’s Greenville, NC rally where the assembled crowd shouted in obviously staged unison, “send her back!” This was aimed at the most vulnerable of the targeted Democratic Congresswomen, Ilhan Omar.

Today Trump tried to walk it back some by claiming he didn’t like what the crowd was doing. But the proof is that his daughter in law lead a pre-rally warmup in which she instructed the crowd about the chant. And, it appeared there were cheerleaders planted in the crowd to pump the crowd up as they chanted.

One of the commentators questioned if all who engaged in the chant were racist. The author Victor Hugo was quoted, “If the soul is left in darkness, sins will be committed. The guilty one is not he who commits the sin, but the one who causes the darkness.” The point was that those sinners were not responsible because they didn’t cause the dark. It was Trump who caused it.

Another contributor countered that yes, they were responsible. He contended that “America, love it or leave it,” has been around for a long time and bad as it is, it at least offers an option. “Send her back,” does not. It is emphatic that this naturalized citizen of the United States and duely elected member of the US House of Representatives should be stripped of her citizenship and Constitutional protections, and deported back to Somalia. That is several notched up and to that level places blame and sin on them all.

In the end, the consensus seemed to be that America is at a new low in what it will accept as legitimate presidential behavior and it may take generations to bleach away the stain of the Trump era.

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