Wheat Ridge & Murphin Ridge Roads

One of the earliest Mennonite and Amish settlements in South Central Ohio was atop Wheat Ridge in Adams County. The area has developed into a major tourist draw for urban populations in the area with the biggest attractions being Miller’s Grocery, Bakery, Furniture, and all things store on Wheat Ridge Rd. Maybe the next biggest is the Murphin Ridge Inn and Restaurant on Murphine Ridge Rd. It’s on the pricy side but proves that if you know how to cook, “they will come.”

I was in the area a few Sundays ago and decided to mount my cellphone camera on the dash and tour the area. It’s beautiful but unfortunately, it was Sunday and none of the “plain people” businesses were open and my cellphone holder isn’t worth a crap when it comes to functioning as a camera base.

So, sometime this summer I promise to make a return trip with better camera setup and on a weekday when I can get an apple fritter at Miller’s.

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