Mound City Group – National Historical Park

Back in the 1970s, I took my junior high school class to Mound City Group in Chillicothe. Even though I drive past the main site several times a year I haven’t stopped until just a few days ago. I had thrown my back out so I didn’t venture beyond the visitor center area but I got enough pictures and a short video to give one some idea of what is to be found there.

The main site, located on SR 104 north of Chillicothe, is a Hopewell site and one of six sites that make up the National Historical Park. The six sites together may represent the largest example of mound-building culture in North America, if not the world. Its importance is proven by the near-capacity occupation of its parking lot on a hot and muggy Monday in July.

I hope you enjoy my offering and lots of additional information can be found online. Click HERE.

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