“Locked & Loaded” – Oh Shit, Not Another War!

George H.W. Bush, in 1990, took a coalition of nations into Kuwait and Iraq to protect one of our sources of oil from an invading Iraqui army. We went to war for oil, and many Americans didn’t think that was justified. The majority, however, saw our actions as protecting a friendly nation from a tyrant, Saddam Hussein.

Currently, Donald Trump is threatening war with Iran and seems to be claiming that Iran attacked our friend, Saudi Arabia. A clearer version of the truth is that both Iran and Saudi are aggressor nations and neither is a friend to America. Both nations are religious and economic rivals and both sponsor international terrorism. After all, it was Saudis who brought down the trade towers on 9/11 and it is the Saudis who are heavily responsible for the civil war that is raging in their neighboring country of Yemen.

Donald Trump says America is “locked and loaded” and appears to be rattling the sabers for more war in the Middle East. As Rob Reiner recently said, it was a Johnson lie that got us into Vietnam and it was a George W Bush lie that got us into Iraq. America today has a leader who is a compulsive liar with little knowledge of foreign policy. We don’t need one of his thousands of lies to take us into another unnecessary war that will result in the deaths of thousands of human beings.

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