Who do you consider the greater threat to American democracy, Mitch McConnell or Donald Trump? I was just asked that question and replied that it was probably a toss-up but it could be argued that Moscow Mitch could be the greater threat. After all, it would be far more difficult for Bone Spur to be Bone Spur without the unbending support of Moscow’s iron grip on the US Senate.

Mitch is up for reelection in Kentucky next year and his retaining his seat is not a certainty. There’s a very capable woman clawing at his backsides and with just a little financial help from a lot of us who care about the future of America, Amy McGrath may just unseat another of Putin’s, “useful idiots.”

One of the wonderful things about today’s Internet world is that politicians can choose to not depend on the big donors and instead,  turn to us regular people with just a few bucks to help out the cause. In 2008 Obama kind of wrote the book on grassroots financing using the Internet and appealing to ordinary people. Ordinary people may only have $5 to donate but that Lincoln, multiplied by the number of people who’ve got an extra one to spend, can be huge.

Click Amy McGrath’s picture to donate whatever you can afford to help the unseating of Mitch McConnel.

With all this in mind, I’m urging you to click on Amy McGrath’s photo, regardless of where you live, and make whatever donation you can afford. It’s easy, it’s safe, and it can make a hell of a difference. I like to think that the $50 I donated to Elizabeth Warren a few years ago was all it took to seat her in the US Senate. It’s a good feeling.

I’d rather see him lose his job!

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