Burning Man Bicycles

Click the photo to visit Burning Man’s website.

Burning Man, if you’re one of the thirteen people who don’t know,  it is an annual festival in the Nevada desert that draws over 70,000 people and is basically an excuse to get mostly naked and stay high on the street drug of choice for a week or so. It concludes with a huge bonfire and the burning of a male sculpture, thus its name.

With over 70,000 in attendance, a motto of Burning Man is, Leave No Trace. You bring it in, you take it out. Well, in 2017 a lot of attendees didn’t get the word because over 5,000 bicycles were abandoned and left behind.

Thankfully a group of volunteers later rounded up the bicycles and donated them to charities or people in need of basic transportation.

NOTE: For more information about Burning Man click the bonfire photo to visit BM’s website.

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