One thought on “Evidence”

  1. My first thought about exculpatory evidence is I have heard people say “you can’t prove a negative. Thus we can’t prove he didn’t do this, but he didn’t so we don’t have to prove he didn’t.” That is not entirely true. In fact it’s not true in most cases. Do unicorns exist? Prove they don’t. No one has a picture of one, no one has captured one, there are no unicorn fossils, etc. Does that PROVE that they don’t exist or just prove lack of proof that they do? Newton ran into this with his theories. We can get into all kinds of theories:rhetoric, logic, math, philosophy, theology, etc. about this.

    The bottom line though isn’t about whether he did or not, there’s overwhelming evidence that he did. He’s even bragged about it. The problem is that most of the GOP, afeared for their phony baloney jobs, and all of his die hard supporters say there’s nothing WRONG with what he did. Yeah, he did it, so what? the Ukraine president says he wasn’t intimidated so no harm no foul. BUT, (big BUT!) the attempt is what counts. If he attempted murder but the guy didn’t die, it doesn’t mean he didn’t try.

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