Those Damned Do Nothing Democrats

We all know how Republicans love to charge the Democrats in Congress with never doing anything. It’s the easiest and most convenient means of throwing or diverting the heat off their backs. After all, it takes two to tango and while the House is one of the necessary partners in the dance, the GOP and Moscow Mitch controlled Senate is the other.

Actually, American lawmaking is not a dance for two. Instead, it is, as the French would say, a “danser pour trois.” Before anyone

can do anything, it takes three entities being all in step with each other, the House, the Senate, and the dude in the White House. 

So, back to that do nothing claim. Since the Democrats took control of the House in 2018 they have proved they can both impeach and chew gum at the same time. While digging into Trump’s midden heap they have also passed a ton of legislation. Most of it, without Moscow’s approval, unfortunately, has not made it to the floor of the Senate giving rise to the claim that the Democrats are doing nothing.

Just in case you can’t or won’t take my word for it, HERE’S A LINK to an entire list of Democrat passed House bills that are waiting for Turtleman to take action.


One thought on “Those Damned Do Nothing Democrats”

  1. Really wish I could shove that whole list of bills, sitting in turtle’s box never to see the floor of the Senate, under some people’s nose. If you know what I mean!

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