In Highland County It’s Not The Dems or the Repubs

For an earlier blog, I was researching voting and voter information for Highland County and came across these graphs. It’s clear that the majority of registered voters in Highland County, OH are not members of either of the major political parties and neither party will decide the coming 2020 election. It is the independent voters who are the largest group and whichever party wins them over will win the brass ring.

The reality is, however, that in Highland County the independent vote is mostly conservative and will go for conservative candidates; as in Republicans. If Democrats hope to ever win big in counties like Highland they have to make great inroads into winning over the independent voter.

One other fact to consider. In most of our election history the independents, Democrats, and Republicans have been outnumbered by one other group, those who choose to not vote at all. America is a democracy and a basic principle of democracy is majority rules. Well, if the majority never votes we, in reality, have rule by the minority.

Check out these graphs:

Greenfield apparently has but two precincts and both vote at the same location. Like the rest of the county, the independents outnumber the party members but the Rs outnumber the Ds.

Countywide it’s the same story. The majority of registered voters are independents with the Republicans wielding greater power than the Democrats.

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    1. You’re correct but the term democratic republic also applies. We the people get to vote and the majority is supposed to win while respecting the minority. Democracy means rule of the people and that definition also is applicable.

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