Some Random Photos Of The 1999 All-Class Reunion

I’m really not sure but I think these photos are from the first McClain All-Class Reunion that was held during the summer of 1999. The Clyburns permitted the temporary conversion of their restaurant into a make-shift Penny’s and it quickly became a major gathering place during the weekend. The Penn family loaned the

Association some great memorabilia from Penny’s you could sit at the counter, flip through some old Dragons, sip a Coke, and feed some pennies into the genuine original Flipper machine. The best thing may have been the air conditioning. The worst that the Cokes didn’t still cost a nickel.

NOTE: It’s been pointed out that people are wearing winter clothing and there are Christmas decorations in the background. These are obviously not from the summer all-class. They may be from an Alumni Association meeting which was usually held at Bernie’s. 



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