The End of Imagination Kingdom – Video

The Imagination Kingdom was funded with pennies collected by the students of Greenfield Elementary School. It was built by an all-volunteer army of community labor in 1993.

Over the quarter-century, a lot of little feet romped over those boards but finally, it had run its course. The boards were rotting and the cost of maintenance too high.

Today, January 2, 2020, the wrecking crew arrived and in a matter of hours, it had all been hauled away. In its place will be a brand new playground made from lower maintenance materials and better able to withstand the punch of nature.

2 thoughts on “The End of Imagination Kingdom – Video”

  1. When my kids were little and we lived in Kentucky, they loved coming up to visit my parents and go to the playground. Many happy hours spent there.I hope there was some way to re-purpose some of that stuff so it didn’t all end up in a landfill.

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