Voter Information You Need to Know

Several days ago I posted some voting deadlines on Facebook and others added to it. One of the links provided was to a site at which one could verify if they were currently registered to vote. I checked my family’s status and discovered that four of us, contrary to belief, appeared to not be registered.

This morning I called the Highland County Board of Elections and discovered that in spite of what the verification link said, we’re okay.

There remains a problem with two family members, one has never registered, and the other has changed address and must make that correction.

Here are some deadlines and other voter information you need to be aware of.

If you haven’t registered to vote you may do so in several ways.

  • Go online and print out a registration form, fill it out properly, and mail it to the Highland County Board of Elections, 1575 N High St # 200, Hillsboro, OH 45133. Click HERE for the registration form.
  • Go to any of the following with proper identification and fill out the registration form. The Board of Elections, The Highland County Treasurer’s Office, and/or any Highland County Library.

For additional and general information about voting, click HERE.

For information about absentee voting, click HERE.

Maybe most important is to never rely on what others, myself included, tell you, The phone number of the board of elections is (937) 393-9961. They are very friendly and only they have the real answers.

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  1. Very well said. Exactly what I found. SC Site told me I was NOT registered. I emailed to the person indicated and he wrote immediately back and assured me I was registered. I have copy of email in my wallet. Should there be further problem at poll.

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