Can You See That The Emperor Is Naked?

Trump raves about his economy and his die-hard consumers of sugary artificially flavored fruit beverage followers joyfully accept his ravings. Yes, unemployment rates are low and the stock market is high. But if one really stares at the emperor’s new suit one might see that the claimed stable genius in the White House is actually naked. That over the long-haul, things really aren’t that good for an awful lot of Americans. Just study this simple graphic below and give some thought as to where you really stand.

Can you afford to put your children through college without massive student debt? Is your medical insurance as good as you’d like and can you afford to improve it? Are you living in the house of your dreams and can you maintain the one you’re living in? Has your income kept up with inflation? Have you seen your net disposable income actually go down? Is your boss doing a lot better than you? And for the big one, how many weeks without a paycheck could you last?

Now consider that this graphic compares today with 1978. The statistics show that the American middle-class (the working class) has declined or shrunk since about the time Ronald Reagan and the conservatives gained almost permanent control of the government in 1980.

There is no absolute guarantee that your life will improve if the progressives and/or Democrats gain control but just ask yourself which group, conservatives or liberals, are most likely to have your best interest at heart? For most of its history, the Republican party has been the party of big business, of Corporate America. With few, if any, exceptions has it ever worked for the betterment of working people.

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