The Least You Need To Know About Healthcare Proposals

The Ohio presidential primary is about a month away and I’ve begun the process of trying to decide which candidate will get my vote. Since most Americans claim that healthcare is the most important issue for them, that’s where I began my study.

Healthcare is not an easy thing to understand for someone like me. I don’t consider myself a bean counter and I’m driven more by idealism than reality. For example, in my heart of hearts, I want a single-payer, universal system where healthcare is a human right and not a single American has to live without it. You have a sore toe and think it needs professional attention, you go to the doc, get it looked at, and it doesn’t cost you a penny.

The Democratic candidates. Each has a plan for healthcare.

That’s what I’d like to have but the questions include, can we afford it, is there enough political support to pass it into law, will it turn us into a nation of hypochondriacs, how long will the transition take, and so much more?

The next question is what do the presidential candidates want? I’ve spent some time trying to find out and came across an article at Vox the provides a pretty thorough round-up of the proposals and the problems. It’s about everything we all need to know condensed to a length most of us may be willing to study.

What we don’t need is having a bunch of people running off to the polling place armed with little more than an ill-informed gut feeling about healthcare and who stands for what. So, here’s a link to the Vox article and please take some time to look it over. Click HERE!

One thought on “The Least You Need To Know About Healthcare Proposals”

  1. Well, I agree. What we need to do is (hopefully this will happen) is work on controlling Medical care cost. Controlling Big Pharma. Medical Insurance cost and what they will cover. And while we are at it I would think taking a good look at lobbyist that represent these companies. Let’s possibly put tight rules and regs on these guys. NO Money, NO kickbacks of any kind. NO gifts of any kind. (I actually experienced this type of regulations of NO KICK BACKS of ANY Kind – no matter how small – when the Feds became involved in Regulating mortgage lending in the early 1970’s). Would this help? Maybe, a small amount. BUT!! as far as the Dem’s aim now – in reading the articles, polls taken – it would seem at this time we want a qualified candidate that can and will beat trumpo. No Matter who the candidate is we must Vote BLUE. We must clean out the infestation of trumpo and his followers that continue to do his bidding. We need an exterminator.

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