Where was Dershowitz when Hitler Needed Him?

Alan Dershowitz

Alan Dershowitz is a well-known attorney who is currently representing Trump in his Senate impeachment trial. Though he is now trying to walk back one of his arguments, he and other Trump attornies have put forward the argument that the president can do anything he wishes and cannot be held accountable for it because he’s the president and doesn’t have time to deal with doing bad things. In fact, they have an appeal of their argument waiting for a decision by the SCOTUS.

In the Senate trial, Dershowitz claimed that what Trump did in Ukraine was not impeachable because the president believes that what he was doing was in the best interest of our nation. It’s okay to threaten a nation, as in Ukraine, by threatening to withhold military aid as a means of gaining damaging dirt on your political foes in upcoming elections. If Trump believes he would make the better president over Biden, his actions are okay because he believes it is in America’s interest.

Have you ever given any thought to how Hitler could have used this defense to justify his ordering the death of millions of human beings that he believed to be sub-human and bad for the world’s genetic gene pool? I’m thinking that those Nazi leaders who were put on trial for war crimes at Nurenberg would have loved having Trump’s defense team on their side.


One thought on “Where was Dershowitz when Hitler Needed Him?”

  1. Haven’t said much on Facebook the last weeks. Non the less I am keeping up with the current situation as mentioned above. As always, I am amazed how these supposed USA “loyal” citizens” are able to stand up in the Senate and spout these words in support of the most corrupt, lying, person that somehow cheated his way in to the WH. He and his supporters have infected our country, our government. Worse than any virus.

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