Why hasn’t it rained IRS fire on the Trumps?

I never watch any of the political commentary shows unless they’ve been pre-recorded. I have to have the option to fast forward through the speculative bullshit. I especially have to have Rachel Maddow on fast forward when she gets into one of her tell the same story five-times phases.

Last evening, however, I watched the entire first half of Rachel without hitting the FF button once. She did an excellent job of summarizing the money trail left behind by Trump as he’s worked his way into power and the presidency.

If you follow politics it was nothing you haven’t heard before but it was a great refresher course. I’m always left with the question, how was Trump able to do any of the things he’s been caught doing and still get elected? How was he able to cheat people out of millions with his Trump University and stay out of prison. How was he able to run a scam charity foundation and not go to jail. How has he openly maintained organized crime connections and have his supporters turn their heads? How has he survived an expose that revealed both he and his sister participated in a $400 million-plus tax scheme set up by his father (Fred) and not have the IRS rain fire on them?

The only thing more perplexing than all this is, seriously, what is the meaning of life?

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