Cincinnati Style Chili

Texas has brisket, the Carolinas have whole hog, and Lousiana has crawfish. They are famous for these regional foods and people from all over the world come to partake. So, what does Ohio have? I’ve often asked that question and finally decided, well hell, we have Cincinnati chili and it’s unlike chili anyplace else in America, maybe the world! It’s unique, it’s flavorful, and it comes five-ways, which is something Texas doesn’t give you with brisket.

Small 5-way from Skyline.

Recently I pulled into a Skyline Chili restaurant in Wilmington and had a small 5-way for lunch. It came with the obligatory bowl of oyster crackers and a squeeze bottle of hot sauce. While waiting for the chili I squirted some hot sauce on the crackers and ate them as one would do with chips and dips.  I took a picture of the meal and posted it on a Facebook food group and a couple of non-locals asked, “what’s a 5-way?”

A day later I picked up the February edition of Ohio Cooperative Living Magazine and behold, starting on page 50 was a story about Cincinnati Chili and one of its most famous parlors, Camp Washington Chili. The article gives a little history along with a basic recipe. If you’re a foodie or chili lover you might want to click HERE and flip forward to page 50.


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