Hand Sanitizer & Krugerrands

I woke up this morning and turned on the TV. As usual Morning Joe was on and the speculation meter was running at 98%. I listened for a little news and learned the conversation was dominated by two things, the virus, and the plunging Dow Jones.

Apparently, the viral threat continues to grow and there is talk of closing down Congress to help protect the mostly old white men who comprise its membership, Ted Cruz and some dude from Arizona are going into self-isolation to help keep their constituents back home from catching the bug. I’m guessing the real reason is to help keep their asses at least six feet away from anyone they may need to bump elbows with.

A couple of germ-laden, disinfectant reeking, cruise ships are pulling into American ports today. even though Trump doesn’t want them here.

For him, it’s all about the numbers and as soon as these possibly infected human beings alight on land the sick list may balloon and the Dow-Jones tumble even more.

Speaking of health, Wall Street demands one thing to be healthy, stability, and stability isn’t what it’s getting. In spite of all the bullshit coming from Orange of the White House the market isn’t buying it. Trump claims to have a plan, claims to have everything in hand, plans to have virus tests available for everyone who wants them, claims the virus will end with the first spring heatwave, but, it is all bull shit. Last night the stock market predictors were showing the D-J opening up with a decline of 1,5000 points. That’s exactly what happened and as of right now it is hovering around 1,300 points down from Friday.

You know I hate speculating but those who love to have been predicting a tumble even before the virus. I don’t know about you but I’m selling the farm and buying hand sanitizer and Krugerrands.


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