Highland County Amish Barn Raising

As far back as the early 1960s, I heard about Amish barn raisings. Where an entire community of church members would come together to build or repair a member’s barn. The women would spend the morning preparing a large meal for the men and the men would divide into teams with each assigned a task to get done before sunset.

While I’ve seen many of the results it wasn’t until recently that I actually was able to witness the real deal. I was even invited to lunch but unfortunately, wasn’t able to match my schedule up with that.

By the evening of the day before all the needed materials had been assembled and were on sight. Come daybreak the next morning well over twenty horse-drawn buggies arrived bearing cooks and approximately forty-five* able-bodied hammer swingers.

*CORRECTION: The lady who led the food preparation told me she served about 75 workers.

The foundation and first floor had already been constructed and by lunch, the upper floor had been framed, siding installed, and the roofing was being laid. The goal was to have it all enclosed and under roof. Before sunset and with organization, energy, and dedication, such was the case.

The barn isn’t finished yet but the rest of the work can now be done in spite of the weather and what winter holds in store. I’m guessing none of my Amish neighbors have ever heard of Larry the Cable Guy but, they all know how to “Get ‘er done.”

Here’s a short YouTube video I made of the time I was present. There are community restrictions about photography so I kept my camera at a distance and limited the number of photos and videos. A friend later sent me some interior shots.  The older barn in front has been sold and will later be disassembled and removed.



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