Ruins of Greenfield Past

I recently found myself in the area that was once the location of the McClain Mansion and decided to snap a few photos of what remains still exists. When I was a kid in the late ’40s and ’50s all that remained was the iron fencing along Washington Street, the entrance steps, the exposed basement, and some sidewalks. Off of 4th Street, there was the wooden home of the McClain’s chauffer and an attached multi-car garage.

Today, all I could find was some iron fencing that would have bordered the edge of the chauffer’s home, one of the Washington Street entrance steps, and a stone wall near Anderson’s Funeral Home that was made from stones salvaged from the mansion’s basement.

I vaguely recall a large stone with an iron ring attached that was used to tie up horses. If that ever existed it is since, long gone.

I was surprised to see that the chauffer’s home had been demolished. Obviously I haven’t been paying attention.

3 thoughts on “Ruins of Greenfield Past”

  1. Thank u for this tid bit of Greenfield history. Do you remember the
    House that stood across the street from the party shop and what is
    Now the library . I know it was abandoned in the early 60s. It was a
    Old Victorian style. Just wonder if any one else remembers it.
    BARREL. Dan Rhonemus

    1. I remember it. I grew up on Lafayette st and can remember walking down over the hill to the little dairy shop for ice cream thinking it was haunted. All I remember is that it was always full of cats.

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