Understanding What Socialism Is

This is the meme that started it all. I checked the validity of the words this is an accurate accounting of something Harry Truman once said.

I’ve started this blog several times. My goal each time was to provide a simple definition and explanation of America’s mixed economic system and where socialism has always played a part. My motivation came from a meme that a friend posted on Facebook and that a friend of theirs took to task.

Every time I began writing, however, I ended up with something the size of War and Peace and may be as confusing as Frank Herbert’s, Dune.

Then, while messing with YouTube I came upon a debate/discussion between two guys who know what the hell they’re talking about and have the credentials to back up what they say, Nobel Economist, Paul Krugman and the University of Massachusetts Professor Emeritus, Richard Wolff.

The discussion is very timely as Bernie, the avowed Social-Democrat is about to emerge the winner of the Nevada caucus.

So, I decided to make this blog consist of two things, a simple working definition of socialism from me, and an informed discussion between two men who can legitimately wear badges that say, Experts.

My definition: In a pure capitalist economy one gets what one earns and government plays no part. If some get far more than others, so be it. In America, however, we have never been a purely capitalist nation. The government has always manipulated the system to some extent. Our leaders have decided that the government can do things more efficiently and effectively than we as individuals can do. So, it is the government that maintains our military, our police forces, much of our medical system, builds and maintains our highways, educates our children, sees that we save some money for retirement, protects our investments, helps provide us with safe air, water, and food, and so much more. Here’s the deal, the truth, every example of government doing something for us rather than us doing it for ourselves is, socialistic.

Like it or not. Admit it or not. All these things, and much more, are socialist:

  • VA Medical Care
  • The Military
  • Social Security Disability
  • Social Security Retirement
  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • Public Schools
  • State Teachers & Public Employee Retirement Systems
  • I-70 and SR-28
  • The US Navy
  • The GPD and Paint Creek Joint EMS/Fire District
  • McClain High School and Buckskin Elementary School
  • The Greenfield Water Department and the Highland County Health Department

One thought on “Understanding What Socialism Is”

  1. Well, as I understand “Socialism” in the pure form = everyone is equal and everything is shared equally. And my feeling is this: people are greedy, no matter what they should be shared. Socialism in this form never works because Some people are more greedy than others. ie: trumpo and his associates. Not just him but the top 1%. That’s not to say all of the 1% but pretty much all. That said, Socialism in pure form never works. We do not and never will live in Utopia. And maybe Bernie’s form of Socialism will work and maybe not. Enough said on this cause as you know, I tend to run on. The one thought that comes to me out of all this whole process of electing a Democrat president – WE MUST turn the Senate Bluer and get rid of McConnell. Without that a Democrat President will be symie in anything he/she will try to do in office. See where I am leading? We MUST vote Blue and we MUST VOTE.
    NOTE: Yes, I voted in SC Primary (fortunately my district moved our voting place to the church across the street from me LOL). I did not vote for either Biden or Bernie. Voted for Tom and than he dropped out. I didn’t think he would drop out so soon but knew he would. I said this at the beginning when we had 20+ candidates – wish we could form the one needed candidate out of several of the 20+. We are still a long way out, let’s see what Super Tuesday brings. Wait and see. Biden and Bernie seem to be the front runners but both are a long way for having the 1,991(isn’t that the number needed? I think) delegates needed to be dominated. Guess we will know more Wednesday.
    As for Socialism – I think the Congress will have a good deal to say about that.. Hopefully.

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