Unplugging Day – Could You Have Done It?

First Friday of March is National Day of Unplugging.

Well, we won’t have to concern ourselves with it since it’s over. But, Friday was the National Day of Unplugging and participants were asked to totally unplug. To not use anything that included the use of any kind of screen. No cell phone, no tablet, no laptop, no desktop, no TV, no backup camera, no GPS, no camera with a digital viewfinder, absolutely nothing that uses a screen. Could you do such for a period of 24-hours without cheating? Discuss.


One thought on “Unplugging Day – Could You Have Done It?”

  1. Hmm. I can and have unplugged from all o these except the back-up camera. Right now I am driving a mini-van hubs bought for himself. I am too short to see to back it in a tight spot. I use the back-up camera every time I drive the darn thing.

    I could just stay home that day or I could argue that I don’t plug it in so I can’t unplug it. If I am driving I use that screen to help me get out of the driveway. Alternately I guess I could park in front of the house so reverse is not needed.

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