Gonna Shoot Me A Virus

I was watching some news earlier and one of the subjects was the anti stay at home policy of the Michigan governor. Seems the right-wing doesn’t give a shit about science or viral death if it gets in the way of them scratching their asses in someone else’s space. Their motto seems to be, One for None, or some other selfish nonsense.

Of the many photos I saw, two caught my attention. One was of a sixty-something man dressed in a red MAGA cap and armed with a video camera. He had his face into about every group shooting

video. The thing about this protestor was his wearing a surgical mask. Just didn’t seem a real hard-core Trump supportin’ MAGA cap wearin’ protester would dare be seen out of the house wearing a pussy liberal medical mask.

The other photo was of a group of real manly men walking down the exterior steps of some building and toatin’ lots of manly metal. Armed to the teeth these real men exuded the idea that this furin’ commie coronabug thing could be done away with an AR-15 rather than a blood test or any social distancing.


One thought on “Gonna Shoot Me A Virus”

  1. Hey cuz, maybe I am reading your statement above incorrectly, so I read it a couple of times. Think maybe your should this:


    I think you will find that the Michigan Governor is a Democrat and is coming under fire from orange trud trumpo and those manly ass holes that you mentioned above. These AH’s are protesting Whitmer’s stay at home policy. She is one of the good guys.

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