Noble, Nobel, & Pulitzer

Orange of the White House got into one of his shit storms on Twitter yesterday and raved that Noble Journalism Prize recipients should return their journalism prizes to the Noble Committee. Upon being told by one of his caretakers that there was no such thing as a Noble Prize he deleted the tweet but not fast enough. The Internet works much faster than Trump and his latest stupidity was found out.

A learned person would know that there is the Nobel Prize and it has nothing to do with journalism. The journalism prize is the Pulitzer Prize. There are a variety of Nobel Prizes in various areas of science and literature and a Pulitzer Prize for Journalism. Trump will never possess either to hang on his wall next to that Purple Heart he will never have.

He then went on to explain and try covering his ass by claiming he was merely being sarcastic. The problem with trying to cover one’s ass by claiming sarcasm is that to be genuinely sarcastic one has to understand the subject matter they are being sarcastic about. If you’re trying to create some sort of sarcastic or satirical joke you have to know the subject or otherwise you come off looking like a stumbling dunce. It’s the difference between having those present see you as a funny person or an ignorant fool.

And finally, there is no such thing as a Noble Prize but if there were Trump would never receive one of those either. It requires being noble and to date, he has never displayed such a trait. It’s not even one of those biggie words he knows so many of.

Oh, and that photo at the top of the page; that’s President Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009. Another something missing from Trump’s wall.

2 thoughts on “Noble, Nobel, & Pulitzer”

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA As we southern women say “BLESS HIS POOR LITTLE HEART”! That is our way of being “catty”. One problem, is the orange ball has no Heart, much less a Soul. And brain – it is more like WHAT BRAIN. ?? And as you Know we all know “orange ball of the WH” has NO BRAIN. LOL Orange ball turd REALLY wants to win the Nobel Prize, like Obama. He wants it sooooooo bad! He has daydreams and night mares about it. NO DOUBT. Remember the Time Magazine farce? Another one of the things he desires. He had ones printed up with his fat self on the front. HAHAHAHA LOL One other thing, I was told by a person who knows, who was told by someone who really knew him (LOL yes, this is gossip if you will and I am sorry I can not share who they are) but orange ball trud really hates Bill Gates because he really was a multi Billionaire. This was back before Jeff Bezos. LOL HEHEHEHEHEHEHE Yes, gives me a smile on my face! We ALL Know how he hates Jeff Bezos. One reason orange ball trud is now after the USPS to increase their rates to AMAZON. AND we all know how much he dislikes, basically hates, Washington Post. Orange Ball trud is just a little speck on the horizon and hopefully will fade off into the sunset one day soon. I send wishes to him every night to have his nightmares come true and KARMA bite him in the butt.

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