Amazing Barach

My wife and I watched the Netflix documentary about Michele Obama’s memoir, Becoming, which, by the way, was excellent. One day she discussed began with her and Barach being in Charleston, SC for the funerals of nine Black-Americans who had been slain in their church by a white racist. They flew back to DC following the services and that evening a huge parade was held outside the White House in celebration of the Freedom of Marriage Act.

The front of the house had been lit up with a rainbow of colors and Michelle and one of her daughters snuck out so they could get a view of their home and the activities.

In the telling of that day’s story, the producers had included a scene of the President leading the church congregation in the singing of Amazing Grace. It was such a meaningful and genuine expression of humanity we were deeply saddened to realize just how far down we have come since the departure of Obama and the arrival of Trump. Everything good about America was contained in Obama’s act while everything bad is contained in every aspect of Donald Trump’s life. Trump simply possesses no ability to express an act of genuine empathy or another.


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  1. Could not say it any better. And this weekend of his golf trip (him whining he hasn’t golf in 3 months, disgusting POS) and his angry tweets at Sessions (who I do not care for anyway), at least Sessions showed some back bone this time. And disgusting Tweets about Joe Scarborough and the female aide that died form heart problems in Joe’s Ft. Walton Beach, FL office back when Joe was still a republican. trumpo should take his cell and that golf club and put them where the sun doesn’t shine up in his own body.

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