One thought on “I’ll Just Let Trae Say It, He’s Better”

  1. Applauding!!!!! He is so right.
    There are images running through my mind about off duty Law officers assigned to schools dragging a child of color down a hall wall and bumping him into the wall; another one throwing a child out of a school room chair. In Charleston, SC There was the one getting out of his police car, pulling his gun and shooting a man of color in the back! There are too many of these images running through my mind. Too many. I told Aref the other day, the acts of these white bigots make me ashamed of being white. Sad day. We are old enough to remember the 1960’s the whole decade. We had bomb threats in my high school, almost every week – at least one a week. The riots. I remember the sitting in the hospital beside Grandmother’s bed watching TV with her in 1968 when Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot. She was 69 yrs, me 21 yrs. She had seen a lot more than me. She couldn’t talk because of the stokes, she looked at me shaking her head and tears rolled down her face. Now here we are again 52 yrs later, and we still have racial injustice, back sliding. Disparaging. One one cop, just one, and we have had too many, acts like this, it paints all cops with the same brush. I know and you know not all cops are like this. I have 2 very good friends, female cops here in Greenville. One is the daughter of another good friend. They are not like this and never would act like this. My 2 friends are married and have the sweetest little girl together. All this is very sad that our Country has come to this. Thanks for letting me vent..

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