Mission Accomplished, Trump Style

On May 1st I wrote a blog claiming it was time to reset the COVID-19 clocks. Trump was claiming that America would experience 50-60 thousand virus deaths by August (and he would consider that a win) and on May 1st we’d already reached 63,000 deaths. So, it made sense that we pay close attention to what the number does between May 1st and August 1st, just to see how wrong he turns out being.

Yesterday Trump blurted out that “vaccine or no vaccine, we’re back.” Kind of his version of George Bush’s “Mission Accomplished.” Declaring the Iraq war over and won when as it turned out,  seventeen years later American troops are still in Iraq. I don’t have a clue when the pandemic will be over but I know it won’t be over just because some moronic politician declares it to be. I suppose it will be over when the numbers stop growing.

Speaking of numbers, today is May 16th, and the total number of confirmed COVID cases in America is rapidly approaching 1.5 million with the death racing toward 90,000.  Even Trump World has admitted that the true number is probably higher.

Trump wants to call himself a war president but to be such one needs to have the capacity to listen to, understand, and, then seriously consider the advice of the military. Where would Bush Senior have been if he had ignored the advice of Schwarzenegger or if Roosevelt had turned a deaf ear to Eisenhower or Marshall?

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