Who writes history?

The United States Attorney General was recently criticized for justifying his actions with a supposed quote from Winston Churchill, ” History is written by the victors.” In fact, Churchill didn’t say that and the identity of who did isn’t known.

In the movie, The Report, the main character attributed the statement to Nazi Germany’s leader of the air force, Hermann Göring, but that has never been proven.

I just find it ironic that our right-wing conservative AG would possibly borrow from a  right-wing historical villain.


One thought on “Who writes history?”

  1. Hey cuz. Hope you and Janet and Mike are doing well. Haven’t been on FaceBook too much. Check in a bit but only for one page. We are hot on the trail of our elusive 3rd great grandmother.
    Now as to this AG idiot. He is apparently as illiterate as the greatly gold ball. Barr, Pompeo, and trumpo are the new bobble heads. They are got so “obese” there necks have gone into their bodies along with the brains (what they had of that)! Or do you think that the 3 say these stuff like this just to show they can get by with it with the despicable group?

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