I haven’t been living in a cave so I’m very aware of what’s been going on in the world of defunding the police. I also know that what it means has not been clearly defined yet but, in general, it doesn’t mean a world without badges, nightsticks, and Glocks.

Nevertheless, whatever it ultimately means will be controversial and will require lots of discussions and serious thought, along with some people finding themselves without a career.

One thing needed is to finally reach an agreement to the reality that racism is both a systemic and institutional part of America’s police forces.

This morning I flipped through the headlines and saw several stories regarding the police chief of NYC throwing a shit fit about his officers being picked on. Basically I gave him a quick “fuck you” and cruised over to my YouTube feed. There I found a new post by Trae Crowder. Instead of his usual off the wall satirical rant on current events, today’s post includes his two comedy partners and the topic is a serious discussion of police behavior, the news media, and other subjects of current importance.

So, I thought I’d throw the two together and some of you may enjoy hearing the thoughts and ideas of a variety of people. I don’t claim to agree with any of them but they all have something to say that can help inform us.

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