I laid down for a short nap this afternoon and when I awoke the news was on my TV and they were reporting a bit about National Guard units being removed from WDC. The report included a tweet from Trump claiming that he had ordered the action because “everything was under perfect control.”

I got a brief chuckle from it because it reminded me of Iraq’s famous Minister in Information, Baghdad Bob, who insisted his nation had

not been invaded by America, even when companies of American tanks were taking their position at the base of the building Bob was standing on.

Baghdad Bob

Thinking about it a little more, I drew the conclusion that there is a lot of similarity between Trump and Bob, their stories require an almost total reliance on the lie. Every day of the Iraq War Bob came before the world’s cameras and told us the Americans weren’t coming, when in fact they were already there. On day one of the Trump Administration Trump’s Baghdad Bob, Sean Spicer stood before the cameras and told us the inauguration was the largest in American history, even when the photographic record said exactly the opposite.

The only difference was that there was just one Baghdad Bob while Trump has surrounded himself with an army of official liars and none is better at it than him.

When the second Iraq-American War was over Iraq’s Sadam Hussain was found ragged and filthy, hiding in a small bunker. For the sake of our nation, I hope our Bob never has to go to his bunker, other than to “inspect” it.

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