Donald Trump and those he brought to his White House are possibly the most historically ignorant group of people ever assembled. There have been many events the Trumps have announced but later were informed their date conflicted with some historical event and that going ahead could harm their campaign. Just this week Trump announced he was jumpstarting his campaign with a rally in Tulsa, OK on June 19. Then he rescheduled the GOP’s national convention for Jacksonville, Fl in late August.

In the midst of one of the largest episodes of racial anger and protest Trump and the team managed to further inflame African Americans by going to Tulsa on an important da for them, Juneteenth. In Black History Tulsa is the site of one of the worst violent attacks against a black neighborhood in American history. Over three-hundred blacks were murdered and the Greenwood neighborhood obliterated by white mobs. When did it happen, June 19, the day many blacks celebrated being released from bondage.

Next on the list is Trump’s decision to move the GOP convention to Jacksonville in late August. On August 27, 1960, Jacksonville became the site of what is known today as “Ax-Handle Saturday”. A day that violent whites armed with sticks and ax-handles attacked a group of peaceful civil rights protestors trying to get served in a downtown restaurant.

Last week Donald J. Trump, a man with no proven display of historical knowledge or understanding, publically uttered the old cliche about those who fail to understand history’s lessons are doomed to repeat them, failed on two occasions.

With all this in mind, what I want to know is, why can’t Trump find some old two-bit retired broken down history teacher to run this shit past before going public with it? Just so happens I’m just such a person but would I offer my help? Fuck no!


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