It is just too hard to keep up with the events of our times and to formulate banks of knowledge and opinion that hold true for more than a day or two.

Just when I thought I had the George Floyd thing sorted out and believed that things would get better, an unarmed black man in Atlants was killed by two bullets to the back from a white cop’s gun.

Just as I thought people’s anger and emotions had settled to a point that reason and discussion could result in positive changes within both civilian society and police behavior, it hasn’t.

Just as I thought the smoke and fumes of riots had dissipated, a Wendy’s in Atlanta was torched.

Thinking about all this is making me crazy. Worse yet, I’m one of the least affected and it’s making me crazy. What must it be like for those who have lost family because of it? What must it be for those who can’t leave their homes without the fear of it happening to them?

People, we have got to make this stop. We all have to get involved somehow and work to put an end to this behavior, regardless of where the blame lay. If we can’t make this a safer and saner nation to live in, then we’re all at fault.