Getting Back to Just the Facts, Ma’am!

I don’t know how old one has to be to recall the original Dragnet television show starring Jack Webb and Ben Alexander. It was a cop show that cut to the no-nonsense quick of the case at hand. As the duo of Joe Friday and partner Frank Smith pursued the case they cautioned every potential witness that they were interested in the facts, nothing but the facts. It was straight police work and at the end of the show, they always had their man in cuffs.

Janet and I watch lots of police dramas, especially from the British Commonwealth. What most have in common is a required amount of police drama coupled with way too much relationship drama. There’s the distraught wife who’s pissed because the hubby loves the job more than her. There’s the angst-ridden teenager whose life is ruined because dad the cop wasn’t there when his first pimple ripened.

Well, if you feel or share my pain there’s good news if you subscribe to Acorn TV or some other service that is streaming the TV thriller titled, Suspect. It’s been on several seasons and it’s fast-paced, action-filled, wonderfully written and acted, and very just the facts Dragnetesque.

If you’re going to try it consider these tips. Get your pets fed, your children settled, your adult beverage prepared, turn off your cell phone, get comfortable, and slap the play button.

We’ve finished the series and last night began a new program. On at least three occasions our attention was diverted to watching a young semi-nude couple making passionate love between scenes of criminal mayhem. What a downer.


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