Nude Photos of Nikita K

Like most mornings I woke up and watched the first half-hour of Morning Joe. Before the thirty minutes had passed, however, I had to witch channels and watch a rerun of Texas Iron. The two lead stories dealt with the insanity and incompetence that currently resides in the White House.

First was a recap of yesterday’s press conference in which Trump defended some quack doctor and her claims about alien DNA being the enemy of religion in America. This woman made the most outlandish claims and Trump supported her on grounds akin to, well she must be correct, she has all her own teeth. Now, put that together with his already telling us to stick light bulbs in our orifices and bleach in our veins and tell me the inmates aren’t in charge of the asylum.

The next headline focused on a one on one interview between Axio’s Jonathan Swan and Trump in which Trump simply dismissed the claims that he knew anything about Russia’s bribing the Taliban to kill American troops and Russia supplying the Taliban with weapons. He simply dismissed it with a hearty, well, we did it too in the ’80s!

He sat there and blatantly lied, saying he read a lot, got lots of intelligence briefings, but the info about Russia never came across his desk. The question is, is he ever going to confront Putin? The answer is, no. I’d bet the entire farm that somewhere locked in a Moscow vault is a videotape of Trump committing some horrible immoral or illegal act that Putin is blackmailing him with. If it’s not the claimed pee-pee tape it may be of Trump masturbating to old photos of a naked Nikita Khrushchev. (What does that image do to your brain?)

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