Reactivation of Site ???

I last updated this site in 2020 just before the Ohio Presidential Primary Election. My post at that time dealt with how to register to vote and to ensure your ability to vote, hopefully against the dude that wasn’t re-elected.

Since then, most of my posts have been on Facebook since that’s where most of my followers are. Over the years the popularity of such social media outlets has greatly lessened the interest and support for private websites.

However, as politics have become more volatile and posting controversial statements on sites like Twitter and Facebook more policed, there is growing censorship that I don’t approve of or want to be subjected to. On several occasions now I have been notified by the Facebook Keystone Kops and put in Facebook Prison for a short period of time. The reason is never specified other than a general statement that I have violated community standards. The first time it was for simply identifying the source of a quotation as being Hitler’s book Mein Kampf. Apparently, someone took that to mean I supported Hitler and was some sort of neo-fascist.

One way to regain my independence and not worry about Facebook’s rules is to reactivate Chapman’s General Store and post my political views here with a link posted on Facebook.

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