Chapman’s General Store began in 2009 as a place for people who enjoy ideas and exchanging information to come together. It is an offshoot of a community website began in 1997 and serving a global audience of people having an interest in our region of Ohio.

I restructured and renamed the site to give it a more general or broader range of subject matter. I chose the name because I hope it will become something like the old rural general store where locals would gather around the potbelly stove and share news, gossip, exchange rumors, discuss politics, spin a few whoppers, and occasionally spit on the glowing stove and watch the steam rise.

If you’re interested in pulling up a seat near our stove and becoming a contributor just get yourself registered and start posting comments at the end of any article of your choice. Just bear in mind that this blog is aimed at an adult audience and while most ideas and opinions are acceptable I will not tolerate extremism in any form.

Purveyor of Fact, Fiction, Opinion and Rumor. Not responsible for lost children, pets, or souls. Read at your own risk!

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