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A trip to Fredneck’s

Dave Shoemaker ran a survey on his Shoe:Untied blog, asking who had the best pizza in the Chillicothe area. Out of 2,500 responses, Fredneck’s of Nipgen came out the winner.

I had never heard of it so today, in need of a drive, I took the long way to Nipgen, through downtown Knockemstiff, and brought home a medium pepperoni for supper.

Here’s my take. First, it looks a lot like Donato’s pepperoni pizza. Second, it looks a lot like Big City’s pepperoni pizza. Third, it was worth the scenic drive but I don’t think I’d make the drive again just for the pizza.

I still remember my son’s response to someone who asked who had the best pizza in Greenfield. He said, “Donato’s in Court House!” But, that was before Jerry’s came to town.

The World’s Best Fried Chicken

In January of 2012, my brother Joe and his wife Ruby, Elzia and Carol Hicks, and my wife Janet and I spent a couple of days in New Orleans before embarking on a seven-day Caribbean cruise. Of all the places we ate the one we liked best was a legendary chicken joint called Willie Mae’s Scotch House in the Treme neighborhood.

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Barbecue Heavens

For at least ten years I was in search of the world’s best barbecue and have driven countless miles and made countless out-of-the-way wilber shirley's bbqtrips following up a lead. One of the first times I had Southern BBQ was at Maurice Bessinger’s Piggie Park in Columbia, SC and for a short time it was my standard. Then my brother and sister-in-law turned me on to Wilber’s BBQ (Wilber Shirley) BBQ in Goldsboro, NC.

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Kava Haus – Wilmington

Stopped at the Wilmington Farmer’s Market a few weeks ago and stopped at a stand giving away free samples of blueberry scones and other goodies. Turns out they were drumming up business for an upcoming coffee-house opening sometime this fall. The Kava Haus’ location will be 187 E. Locust Street, right next to For a Song and A Story.

Besides gourmet teas and the gamut of coffee styles available today, they will be featuring some of the following baked goods:

Cinnamon rolls, Schnecken, Biscotti, Cookies, Brownies, Pies, Cakes, Fruit cobblers, Fruit Danishes, Cherry-apricot braids, scones, and cupcakes.

This could definitely become a regular stop when passing through Wilmington.

Please, Let me Eat Cake!

Since the Three Spoons Diner first opened its door as part of the Rocky Fork Truck Stop I have impressed by they physical beauty of their cakes. Since they’ve relocated to Greenfield the beauty and choice has only gotten better.

I have already written about the joys of their Ho-Ho cake and have since enjoyed a great whose name may be pig lickin’ cake. My wife and I recently had supper at Three Spoons and I couldn’t help but notice all the cakes lined up on the counter so I broke out the cell phone camera and snapped the following pics.

By the way, for supper I had half a fried oyster po’ boy and homemade French fries. Continue reading Please, Let me Eat Cake!

Where Everybody Knew Your Name

For over a year now our weekly routine has included regular workouts at the YMCA followed by a light lunch at chef Avery Elliot’s downtown restaurant, EAT. From our first visit we’ve loved the food and have become good friends with Avery and her staff. Unfortunately the morning’s email didn’t bear good news. EAT, after having recently celebrated it’s first anniversary, is closing its doors as of Friday, August 10, 2012.

Twenty-five percent of all new restaurants don’t make it past their first year so maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise.  But seeing people you know and like become a part of the statistical database is cold comfort. Worse yet, there is nothing to take its place. EAT was our Cheers and we were their Norm and wherever we may go, everybody isn’t going to know our names.

Whatever the future holds Janet and I just want to thank Avery and crew for all the good food, service, and friendship they’ve given us over the past year and to wish them all the best.

Opening Day at Three Spoons Diner

Several of us in the family recently braved the heat to be in attendance for the opening day of Three Spoons Diner in Greenfield. The restaurant is operated by Doug Gall who previously was serving up meals in Rainsboro. When Brad Calhoun decided to take a break from the food biz Doug came in to help make sure Greenfield retains a place to sit down and enjoy a well prepared meal.

Little has physically changed, same rustic dining room, same large tables, same counter, and Billy Hazlett is still keeping things moving in the background. You’ll find lots of new faces, however, and a brand new menu. Doug brought all his employees from Rainsboro to work in the new digs and that’s a good thing.  Continue reading Opening Day at Three Spoons Diner

Three Spoons Diner

Some of you may already know that Brad Calhoun has decided to give up his restaurant, Calhoun’s on Jefferson, and turn operation over to Doug Gall who for several years now has been operating his Three Spoons Diner in Rainsboro.

Doug will be opening his doors on Tuesday, July 3 with a menu comprising some of the best of Calhoun’s and new items of his own design including a daily special.

Tentative hours are 10-8 Tuesday through Thursday and 6-9 on Friday and Saturday. I believe Sunday hours will be 6-8 and the restaurant will be closed on Monday.

I’m just glad Greenfield will continue to have a decent place to dine and I wish the very best for Doug and his employees.

EAT’s Saturday Evening Supper Club

Chef Avery Elliot has talked for several months about starting a membership only supper club at her EAT restaurant in Hillsboro. There are few locations where one can enjoy a great meal along with a glass of their favorite wine or other adult beverage. Since she doesn’t have a liquor license the only legal way to make this possible is by offering memberships in a private club. The basic details are as follows:

  • Members only BYOB Supper Club.
  • Members must be 21yrs or older.
  • Saturday nights, beginning June 23, 2012 between 6pm-9pm.
  • This concept is legal, as long as it is a private function. A function not open to the general public.
  • These evenings will be members and guests only.
  • EAT will offer regular menu items and chef specials at menu prices.
  • Supper Club Dues, $24 per couple for one year ($12 per person). Entice another couple or single person to join and receive a 50%discount for yourself.
  • Members allowed to invite guests for a fee of $3 per guest.
  • EAT will supply great food, ice, glasses, wine bucket, water and soda. Members provide their own alcoholic beverage of choice.
  • Please stop by during business hours to join EAT’s Saturday Night Supper Club.

While having alcohol available for a meal is not important to my wife and I we plan to become members just to take part in the occasional evening and to support a great local resource. If $24 a year will help guarantee a good restaurant remains in our area, it’s a price well paid. To have local you have to support local!

Woody’s BBQ is in Ohio

Several years ago we stopped on along I-75 south of Atlanta and had a meal in a BBQ place called Woody’s. On another trip south we ate at a Woody’s in Sebastian, FL and discovered it is a chain. Last Saturday, coming home from the Dayton Hamvention, I saw a Woody’s BBQ sign along US 35 at one of the Beavercreek exits. Out of curiosity I decided to have supper there and sure enough, it’s the same place. Don’t know how large the chain has become but it’s found its way to the Buckeye State.

On earlier visits I’ve had their baby-back ribs and brisket. Both, especially the ribs, were very good. Most recently, needing some vitamins, I opted for a BBQ pork salad. Mixed greens topped with strips of smoked pork. Never had que with salad but it turned out to be a good mix.

B.B.’s BBQ & Snak Shak, Waveland, MS

Waveland, MS, "Rising Above the Storm."

Many of you know I’m a sucker for stopping at a new BBQ joint. Well, on our way along the Gulf coast, going through Waveland, Mississippi, I noticed a nondescript little place on the far side of the street called B.B.’s BBQ & Snak Shak. The wife and I being hungry I pulled a slightly legal u-turn and headed for their parking lot.

B.B.’s is an old place in an old strip mall but once inside we were greeted by two of the friendliest faces in the South. You order at a counter from a large menu scrolled on the back wall. The offerings run the entire gamete of BBQ essentials to a wide choice of traditional po’ boy sandwiches and other Gulf Coast foods. As soon as my eyes saw shrimp Continue reading B.B.’s BBQ & Snak Shak, Waveland, MS

Things are Changing at EAT!

I receive a daily email from chef Avery Elliot informing me what the day’s lunch special will be. This morning it also contained information about menu changes and special offers. This remains one of our favorite eating establishments and it just keeps getting better. Here’s what Avery sent this morning:

Good morning. Our daily lunch special is going to be a Lean Turkey Burger with a Cranberry Relish served with one side side for $7.95. We are trying out a few new things like the turkey burger to see if it would be a good fit for our menu. Please let me know what you think about the burger idea. Also, if you would like to see anything added to the menu, please let us know and we will see if it is possible. We here at Eat are offering some new specials in the evenings! On Monday thru Friday we are going to be having an early bird special were customers 55 and up can dine at 15% off.

Wednesday evenings will be Women’s night,where  women can dine 15% off, Thursday is going to be Kid’s night, kids 12 and under will be able to dine 50% off with an adult entree, on Friday nights we will be having different themed dishes and starting on Saturday February 11th we will be doing Prime Rib!!!

Also, ask about joining our Perfect 2 club!! Purchase 9 perfect twos and get your tenth one free!

Eatin’ Around New Orleans

I think I first visited New Orleans (NOLA) in 1995 and have since been back six more times. There are lots of reasons to frequently visit this most unique of American cities and none is more important than the food. NOLA is one of those places where you could never live long enough to experience all the restaurants that would deserve your attention. We got to spend a few days in NOLA recently and were able to put a check mark next to a couple more restaurants on the food bucket list.

One of the most famous chefs in New Orleans is Paul Prudhomme who founded K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen and helped bring Cajun and Creole cooking to the nation’s attention. Every night people from all over the world line up to enjoy K-Paul’s take on traditional Louisiana cooking. The restaurant has three kitchens but none includes a freezer. This means that everything is prepared fresh and from as local as possible ingredients. What the menu was yesterday will probably not be what it is today because the same ingredients are not available. Continue reading Eatin’ Around New Orleans

What is a McRib & Why Does it Keep Coming Back?

In recent days I’ve authored a couple of short list about what I love and hate about McDonald’s. In response I’ve received a couple of  emails from readers hinting at what may be in some of McDonald’s offerings. The first reported how the cult followed McRib sandwich is manufactured; yes, manufactured, not grown. A second email informed me, much to my wide-eyed glee, that McDonald’s was the world’s largest purchaser of cow eyeballs.

Recalling how there was once an unfounded claim that McDonald’s beef contained earthworms I decided I should check things out before I go worrying or writing about things. It turns out, though, what was reported about the origins and content of the McRib was pretty much on target. The McRib is a classic example of a food category called, restructured meat. Continue reading What is a McRib & Why Does it Keep Coming Back?