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I keep coming across comparative facts about America’s health care system and that in other developed nations. I thought the best way to present this information Is by just creating a central page to post whatever I find. That will be the purpose of this page and the content will ever be expanding. Check back often. 

  • July 22, 2020: Yesterday the Trump administration ordered the closing of the Chinese Consulate in Houston, Texas. America’s relations with China have been shakey throughout the Trump era and there are serious consequences associated with the issues that confront the two nations, especially during a time of viral pandemic and economic collapse. Just in case you don’t see it stop to consider the huge trade imbalance between us and the Chinese and the reality that 80% of our prescription and over the counter medications come from mostly China. This is especially true of some of the main drugs used in the treatment of COVID-19.
  • Every day, several times every day, we hear pundits tossing out statistics, facts, and predictions. So much so that on occasion I have to do a little fact-checking to sort things out and put them in perspective. People have constantly been faced with whether there is truly something to fear from this new viral pandemic or is it being hyped too much. My Amish neighbor thinks it’s being hyped and that it isn’t anything but the same old flu we face every winter. Well, a very quick check this morning says that Covid-19 is something different and something to be feared. Annually in America, the CDC says the flu-related mortality number ranges between12,000 and 61,000 deaths since 2010. In the 2017-18 season, the number was 61,000 and for 2018-19 it was 34,200. The first Covid-19 case was reported in America on January 20, 2020. Two months later, March 24, 2020, the virus is in every state with 46,168 reported cases (estimated run much higher) with fatalities adding up to 582. While these numbers may not be any more fearful than the flu nobody knows where they are headed. The rate of infection keeps leaping higher at a very rapid rate. The count is doubling at an exponential rate. By the end, my Amish neighbor may be proven correct. But, until more is known about this bug and what kills it, I’m erroring in the favor of doing what the medical experts tell me to do, social distancing.
  • Given Covid-19, news on the health front is about impossible to keep current on. However, one thing of note that warrants sharing is the comment by some pundit. What this Covid-19 economic collapse proves is that the current health care system is unreliable. Millions of Americas have lost their jobs and subsequently, millions of them have lost their employer-provided health care. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a government-provided single-payer universal health care system about now?
  • A couple of weeks ago Trump told America that the CoronaVirus was a hoax. Two days ago he said the virus’ spread was the fault of Obama, and last evening he told Americans that most CoronaVirus victims only have mild symptoms so it is okay to continue going to work. Do you think he has the people’s wellbeing in mind or keeping the Dow Jones up?
  • 3/2/2020: In a FB conversation about health care an Australian friend posted the following about care he received under that nation’s system.  “I have gone to the ER with severe swelling and leg pain. X-rays, Ultrasound, MRI scan. A 7-day course of IV antibiotics delivered in my home. Surgical removal of an abscess on Tibia. Daily wound dressings and follow up care including antibiotics for 7 more days. Total out of pocket expenses $3 parking at the hospital. I have no health insurance at all and everything is covered by our Medicare system.” Put that in our pipes and smoke it Americans.
  • 2/26/2020: During the eight Obama years a great deal of time and money was spent strengthening America’s ability to deal with the world and national pandemics. In 2018 the Trump administration essentially undid everything Obama accomplished for the only reason was that it was something done by Obama. If this Coronavirus threat continues there is every reason to believe that America is not, nor will it be, prepared.
  • 2/21/2020: I ran into a friend today who works for a large box store and has had a run of bad luck medical issues.  I have Medicare and a great supplemental policy provided by the teacher’s retirement system. I also have full coverage from the VA. My friend has nothing close to what I have and it genuinely pisses me off. I’ll not get into the Medicare for all thing but, all should be doing better than millions are.
  • 2/11/2020: The state of Utah is paying its employees to travel to either Mexico or Canada to purchase cheaper medicines. Consider that! Pharmaceuticals are so expensive in America it is cost-effective to send your people out of the country to get their scripts filled. Click HERE for the full story.
  • 2/9/2020: HEADLINE: “Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is blocking a bill that could lower the cost of prescription drugs for breast cancer, diabetes, and more.” Click HERE for the complete story.
  • 1/22/2020: United Health Group had revenues of $226 billion in 2018; up from $130 billion in 2014.
  • 1/18/2020: Freshman GOP Rep. Roger Marshall from Kansas says that poor people don’t want health care and won’t take care of themselves. He is a doctor and part of a strong Republican move to kill the ACA in its entirety.
  • 1/14/2020: HEADLINE: “US health system costs four times more to run than Canada’s single-payer system.” Take note that this is the cost of health care, it only the administrative cost of providing health care; as in paying for the person who calls you and schedules an appointment. In America, the average per-person cost runs $2,497 while in Canada the number is $551.
  • 1/2/2020: Big Pharma is marking the new year with a bunch of price increases on life-altering medicines. Click HERE.
  • 12/31/19: A New York woman went to her doctor with a sore throat. The doctor took a throat culture, ran some blood tests, and wrote a script for an antibiotic. A few days later the woman got a bill for over $28,000.
  • 12/23/19: Importing drugs from Canada won’t guarantee Americans will pay lower drug prices. Click HERE:
  • 12/22/19: According to Forbes Magazine Medicare for All is off the table in favor of Biden’s plan to fix Obamacare and add a public option. Sanders may be the only Democrat candidate still clinging on to “for all” answer to health care.
  • 12/21/19: Obamacare continues to be attacked by conservative judges. On December 18th, 2019 a federal appeals court voided the individual mandate but left intact what remains of the original law. It will certainly become an issue in the 2020 elections.
  • 12/20/19: “In 2017 Americans spent an average of $10,224 per person on health care, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation study. The equivalent figure across similarly wealthy countries that year was just $5,280. et despite spending almost twice as much as Australians, Canadians, Japanese, and many Europeans, Americans suffer from lower life expectancy, higher infant mortality rates, and a higher prevalence of heart disease, lung disease, and sexually transmitted infections.”
  • 12/19/29: In Holland, a CT Scan cost approximately $100. In Amerca, that same common procedure costs at a minimum, $1,100.
  • 12/18/19: Americans pay more for health care than do the citizens of all other developed nations and it’s not the best care.



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